100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts.
2. My parents attended Brandeis University in Boston (which is why I was born in the States).
3. Learning to say my “R’s” was next to impossible thanks to the Boston accent.
4. Saying my name “Cara” was also next to impossible, also thanks to the Boston accent.
5. I no longer have a Boston accent.
6. I have a sister named Darmody (her nickname is Duckie and my name for her when I was too young to say her name properly was Doormouse).
7. I have several first cousins that I’m close with; two of them are getting married in 2007.
8. I’m designing the invitations for one of them.
9. My mother is a Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Arts and Literature at Trent University.
10. My father lives in the Northwest Territories, teaches at the local college and plays sax in a jazz band.
11. They both have their Masters in Fine Arts, one of the few things that they actually have in common.
12. I rebelled as a teenager by going into science.
13. My undergraduate studies were in Mathematics.
14. I love math puzzles.
15. Kakuro puzzles are way better than Sudoku puzzles.
16. My graduate studies were in Veterinary Medicine.
17. I spent two summers working at equine clinics outside of Chicago.
18. I currently work as a writer and editor.
19. I am an aspiring filmmaker.
20. I think I had a relapse from my rebellion.
21. I have completed one short film and have two others in post-production.
22. The completed film is called “Persephone” and will be screened at the Herland Film & Video Festival on May 10, 2007.
23. My first short was entitled “No Time Like the Present” and is a Joss Whedon inspired film with demons, portals and time shifts.
24. My second short was “Coda in G Minor” inspired by the films of Deco Dawson.
25. I find it ironic that my third short film was the first one finished.
26. Ten movies that I wish I’d made: Donnie Darko, Dark City, Fight Club, Brazil, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bob Roberts, Memento, Run Lola Run, La Jetée, Pi.
27. I love to read as well as watch…
28. Ten favourite authors: Madeleine L’Engle, Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, John Wyndham, Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, Dick Francis, Josephine Tey and Jack Finney.
29. Favourite poet: Sylvia Plath.
30. Favourite Sylvia Plath poem: Mad Girl’s Love Song.
31. Favourite war poet: Sigfried Sassoon.
32. Favourite Sigfried Sassoon poem: Secret Music.
33. Favourite Russian poet: Yevgeny Yevtushenko.
34. Favourite Yevgeny Yevtushenko poem: From a Talk.
35. I was mostly raised Jewish because my mother was planning to convert.
36. My mother rediscovered her Native heritage before she converted.
37. I’ve decided I want to convert anyway.
38. One of my grandmothers was from the Isle of Man.
39. My first cat was a Manx cat (from the Isle of Man).
40. I currently have two cats.
41. Tobiano (Tobi) is the eldest. She loves admiring herself in reflective surfaces.
42. Emma is the youngest. She’s a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
43. I have one horse.
44. Her name is Night Wing and she’s currently retired from three-day eventing.
45. I’m hoping to eventually come out of “retirement” myself.
46. I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
47. With secondary Sjögren’s Syndrome.
48. And Hashimoto’s Disease.
49. And the occasional bout of IgA nephropathy.
50. The four conditions I just mentioned are all part of a fracked up, overactive immune system.
51. I also get migraines.
52. Calgary is the migraine capital of the world (Mecca for neurologists).
53. I currently live in Calgary.
54. I think I should consider moving someplace else.
55. I have astigmatisms in both of my eyes.
56. 3-D glasses don’t work when you’re astigmatic.
57. I’m also an insomniac.
58. When I do sleep, I’m very prone to nightmares.
59. I like having nightmares… they give me ideas for my stories and films.
60. I’ve been told that my sense of humour is sometimes inappropriate.
61. I like that my sense of humour is sometimes inappropriate.
62. I’ve also been told that I’m quirky, in a disturbing sort of way.
63. I also like that description.
64. And I’ve been told that I’m weird.
65. I particularly like being considered weird.
66. So I named myself weirdgrrl.
67. I’m a Scorpio.
68. Born in the Year of the Monkey.
69. My Druidic Tree Sign is the Reed.
70. My mother is really into astrology.
71. So I know more about astrology than I ever wanted to.
72. I was born a brunette.
73. My hair is currently black with blue and raspberry highlights and one chunk of blonde.
74. I have three tattoos.
75. My first tattoo is of a triskelion on my upper back.
76. My second tattoo is the Chinese symbol for lotus flower on my right hip.
77. My third and largest tattoo is a tribal sun with the Hebrew letters for “Truth” in the middle on the small of my back.
78. I want more tattoos.
79. I have four piercings.
80. Three of them are in my ears.
81. One of them is in my belly button.
82. I’d like to get my nose pierced, too.
83. I’m a vegetarian.
84. I have been for 18 years.
85. I tried being a vegan for a summer but soy cheese sucks.
86. Favourite pizza toppings: tomatoes, pineapples, green olives and banana peppers.
87. Favourite flavour combination: peaty Scotch and curry chips.
88. Favourite carbonated beverage: Brio (Italian soda)
89. Most often found drinking: diluted apple juice.
90. Most often found eating: Vietnamese subs
91. I used to hate cilantro.
92. They put cilantro on Vietnamese subs.
93. I like cilantro now.
94. I still hate ginger.
95. I drive a Honda Civic.
96. Her name is Newt.
97. After the character in James Cameron’s Aliens.
98. I’m a James Cameron junkie.
99. Which saves me from hanging out with art film snobs.
100. I actually came up with 100 random things to say about myself… cool.


1 Comment

  1. Rob said,

    I knew a lot of those things but, of course, not all.

    Glad to hear you now like cilantro.
    Sorry to hear that you still don’t like ginger.
    I believe that I can take credit for the curry chips.

    Hope you are well and happy.
    I think of you often.

    Forgive me for breaking the silence… a bit drunk after a night at Ming.

    – R.

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