Canary Islands, Anyone?

July 24, 2007 at 12:25 am (cool site, travel)

Here I was, planning on having a relaxing summer writing my feature length screenplay for my screenwriting course and finishing up a bit of post-production on a few short films. But now my car’s been smashed and I’ve been dealing with an insurance nightmare and it looks like they won’t be paying up (and Calgary is NOT a transit friendly city), I’ve got two weddings to attend and another wedding where I’m the maid-of-honour, and my health has been going downhill fast. If I ever needed a vacation, it’s now.

Which is why I’m so beguiled by this Alegria site (apparently Alegria means joy in Spanish… I could use a little joy right about now; my own joy, not that of a newlywed couple that I’m not a part of). Anyway, this website is operated by NetReservas, a provider of online reservation system in “real time” to hotels in the Canary Islands. (Interestingly, the Canary Islands are not named after canaries but dogs… I kid you not. It’s from the Latin term Insularia Canaria, meaning Island of the Dogs… but I digress.)

So what does this website offer? For starters, you can obviously make a reservation with for hotels on any of the islands. But beyond that, it also provides a lot of great information (and tempting photos) about the various islands themselves. I’m not sure which island I see myself visiting first, but based on the photos I’m leaning towards La Gomera; the Garajonay National Park looks amazing and the whole island just sounds so wonderfully tranquil. So if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know where to look.


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